Best Farming Practices

The Pork Best Farming Practice website aims to educate and assist producers to understand and adopt best practices endorsed by SAPPO. The three farming practices, namely SAPPO farming guidelines, compartments and Pork 360, are designed to assist and support small and large commercial piggeries to farm in a sustainable manner. Some of the important focus areas include Biosecurity, Environmental Stewardship, Animal Welfare and Traceability (animal identification).


This section provides general information and guidelines on pork production in South Africa. The information provided includes legislation, animal welfare standards, biosecurity practices and so forth.


A Pig compartment is a physically defined establishment or site surrounded by a physical barrier (fence) where a pig population is contained under a biosecurity management system with a distinct health status with respect to specific diseases for which required surveillance, control and biosecurity measure have been applied. Click here to view the 12 Objectives of Compartments, as well as the accreditation procedure.

PORK 360

Pork 360 is the assurance scheme of South African Pork, managed by SAPPO on behalf of industry. The scheme consists of three standards namely: Farm assured, Abattoir assured, and Processor assured. The scheme is internationally accredited with ISC Global. The scheme focuses on food safety, Traceability, Animal welfare, Biosecurity and environmental stewardship. 

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