The main aim of the Pork 360 abattoir standard is to have a hygienic, traceable product and that the welfare of the pigs at the abattoir is not compromised

7 Objectives

The prerequisite programs focus on the administration of the scheme at the abattoir. The focus areas of this objective include:

  • Responsible person
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Registers and other documents
  • Document storage
  • Contingency plans
  • Training
There are four main focus areas under this objective which includes:
  • All pigs for certification may only be procured from Pork 360 certified producers
  • Traceability for the live pigs and carcasses
  • Vehicle requirements for transportation of live pigs
  • Off loading facility requirements

There are only two focus areas under this objective. The first focus area is that abattoirs should ensure that their water supply conforms to SANS 241: Class II. The second focus area is that they should wash and disinfect vehicles.

Under this objective, some of the important requirements include that the abattoir should have an approved hygiene management program in place and that the abattoir should also have an effective pest plan in place.

The pre-slaughter management objective consists out of two focus areas namely the management of the cold- and freezer rooms and then also the welfare of animals up to the point of death.

Slaughter management addresses specific requirements for a few focus areas. The critical focus area is stunning management which addresses humane handling and stunning of pigs. Carcass quality as affected by pH and chilling also forms an integral part of slaughter management.

The specific attributes that a pork carcass requires to be marked as a Pork 360 carcass are covered in this objective. The requirements include:
  • Identification of a carcass
  • Classification
  • Bruising
  • Carcass mass, sex and age
  • pH
  • Conformation
  • Identification with Pork 360 Stamp or roller mark

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