Some of the aims of the Pork 360 Processor standard are similar to the abattoir standard, namely: hygiene and traceability; additional focus is directed at preservation of products after manufacture.

5 Objectives

This objective focus on five focus areas of which the first is definitions, the second requirement is management’s commitment to the assurance program, the third is proper document control practices, the fourth requires a prerequisite program to be implemented for the monitoring of fresh meat/ meat product safety. Lastly it also addresses all the legal requirements.

This objective focus more on important management practices and procedures that should be in place. The focus areas include:

  • Legal approval and registration of establishment
  • Layout maps
  • Design and construction
  • Cleaning
  • Supplier quality assurance
  • Worker health
  • Pest control
  • Water safety
  • Processed meat product microbiology
  • Sterilizer control
  • Dispensing of soap and disposable paper
  • Calibration of weighing scales
  • Corrective actions
  • Training of workers
  • Customer complaints
  • Metal detection
  • Code of conduct for workers
  • Glass policy
  • Labelling of product
  • Handling of condemned material
  • Maintenance
  • Management of high-risk area
  • Returns policy
  • Control of allergens
  • Reworking of product
  • Calibration of equipment and instruments.

The HACCP objective focus on all the requirements for the HACCP plan in the establishment to ensure risk mitigation takes place and food safety is improved. The focus areas of this objective include:

  • Establishment of the HACCP team
  • Description of the product
  • Identification of the products intended use
  • Process flow diagram
  • On site confirmation of the flow diagram
  • Identification and analysis of the hazards
  • Determination of the critical control points
  • Critical limits for each CCP
  • Monitoring procedures
  • Corrective actions
  • Certification of the HACCP plan
  • Recordkeeping

This objective focus on five areas to ensure there are proper traceability in place for raw materials received as well as for the final product. This information is required for an effective recall in case something is wrong with a product. The five focus areas include:

  • Approved Pork 360 deboning and portioning establishment
  • Receiving of raw meat or meat preparations to be used to produce processed meat products
  • Separation of Pork 360 and other pork not of the same standard
  • Batch identification for manufactured/ final processed meat products
  • Dispatch of processed meat products.
  • Recall procedure
  • Mock recall exercise
This objective consists out of nine focus areas which focus on the cold chain of the product from the arrival of the raw material of the product to the dispatch for the final product. The nine focus areas include:
  • Management of the cold rooms/freezers
  • Arrival of raw meat and meat preparations
  • Raw meat and meat preparation chillers/freezers
  • Thawing room
  • Area/ rooms where raw meat and meat preparations are being prepared for processing
  • In-line chilling
  • Processed meat product chillers
  • Processed meat product/ bulk freezers
  • Dispatch

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